The PI Power Trio

I’ve got a new band in the works. Sasha Dobson is on drums and vocals, Daria Grace is on bass and vocals, and I play guitar. We’re currently playing 5 Wednesdays in November at the LIC Bar in Long Island City.

Sunny’s with the PiPowerTrio!

I’m thrilled to be performing at Sunny’s, in Red Hook, the first Friday of the month (Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2) with Sasha Dobson on drums and Daria Grace on bass. Both add dreamy vocals. I’m on guitar and electronics. This is my kind of power trio. sunnysposter_03_pipowertrio_tlg-update

Rocko’s Modern Life!

I’m absolutely thrilled that Rocko’s Modern Life is back for a one hour special on Nickelodeon. There’s nothing like a live band on a soundtrack and this one was as good as it gets. I’ll keep you posted.