May 16 • Live Performance with J. Walter Hawkes

I’m looking forward to performing with J. Walter Hawkes (trombone & electronics) on Saturday, May 16, 7:00, at the Edison Price Gallery in Long Island City. We’ll be part of the LIC Arts Open, now in its 5th year of celebrating the arts in Long Island City and will be combining music and light with neon artist Kenny Greenberg ( The Edison Price light factory is the perfect place to do it. 41-50 22nd St., Long Island City, NY 11101. Walter and I both have a long history of composing music for film and t.v., particularly cartoons. You can check out Walter’s handiwork in the PBS show “Peg + Cat.” When we play these LIC shows we get to combine our musical sensibilities with a love for eccentric electronics.


3.7.15 At the Stone

I’m looking forward to performing with Phillip Johnston and Ed Tomney on Saturday, March 7 at 10:00 pm at the Stone on the Lower East Side. We’ll be without a net. The concert is part of Phillip’s residency celebrating a glorious history of making music in New York City. The Microscopic Sax Quartet will be on at 8:00. I’m thrilled to be a part of this.

The Lost Philip Glass Sessions

When The Raybeats and Philip Glass went in to the studio in 1982 we didn’t really know what to expect, it took thirty years to find out. For one reason or another these tracks were never released and thanks to Orange Mountain Music for putting them out. For me, going back to the original recordings was like opening up some kind of a wild time capsule. All sorts of genres were colliding in ways that we take for granted now. Check out “The Lost Philip Glass Sessions” for a quick spin through New York City in the early 80’s.
You can get the CD through Amazon and iTunes (download).