Look, Ma, I’m invisible!


Pat Irwin is currently composing the music for the AMC series “Feed The Beast” set to premier on June 5, 2016.

Past credits include Showtime’s Nurse Jackie and HBO’s Bored to Death as well as numerous independent films including: “But I’m A Cheerleader,” “My New Gun,” and “Bam Bam And Celeste.” Documentaries include  HBO’s “Fall To Grace,” written and directed by Academy Award winner Alexandra Pelosi, (Sundance 2013)  He has composed scores for hundreds of cartoons including “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Rocko’s Modern Life,” “Pepper Ann,” and “Class of 3000” (with OutKast’s Andre 3000) and “Peg + Cat,” currently airing on PBS. He received ASCAP Film & Television Awards in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014   for his contributions to the “SpongeBob” soundtrack.

Pat Irwin was a member of The B-52s from 1989-2008. He was also a founding member of The Raybeats (formed in 1979 with George Scott, Don Christensen, and Jody Harris, from the Contortions) and Eight Eyed Spy (formed in 1979 with Lydia Lunch and Jim Sclavunos from Teenage Jesus.) The Raybeats recently released “The Lost Philip Glass Sessions” on Orange Mountain Music (OMM.) The recordings were produced by the iconic composer Philip Glass and were recorded with Philip Glass, Kurt Munckasi, and members of the Philip Glass Ensemble. Originally recorded in 1982 the tracks were never completed or released until 2013 on OMM.

Pat Irwin

Rocko’s Modern Life!

I’m absolutely thrilled that Rocko’s Modern Life is back for a one hour special on Nickelodeon. There’s nothing like a live band on a soundtrack and this one was as good as it gets. I’ll keep you posted.


Go (For Alan Vega) for the first time Sunday, August 28


I can’t tell you how much the music of Suicide has meant to me over the years. For me, they were the sound of CBGB’s. I had never heard anything like it before, and nothing since. I’m looking forward to performing my new piece, Go (For Alan Vega) at the LIC Bar in Long Island City on Sunday, August 28, for the first time. It’s the last Sunday of the summer. We’ve had a great run. Thanks to all of the great musicians who came to play, Sasha Dobson, Daria Grace, J. Walter Hawkes, Tom Beckham, and Brian Cavanagh Strong. And all of the Pre-Ponies who did their thing with Daria and Sasha’s Band, with Jason Mills on drums, Daria Grace on bass, and Grandpa’s drum machine.

Big News • Rocko Lives!


Nickelodeon has announced that there will a new Rocko’s Modern Life movie.


The music for Rocko’s Modern Life was about as much fun as I’ve ever had composing and performing music for cartoons and t.v. The band was ALIVE! Kevin Norton (drums and percussion) Dave Hofstra (bass & tuba) Art Baron (trombone) Rob DeBellis (woodwinds) and I got to play a lot of guitar and organ. We also had help from Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Steve Swell (trombone) Jim Leff (trombone) Rachelle Garniez (accordion) Laura Seaton (violin) Dave Douglas (trumpet) and Tony Trischka (banjo). More!

Big Fun at the LIC Bar in Long Island City • August 28


Spend the last Sunday of the Summer with me, Sasha Dobson, and Daria Grace And The Pre-War Ponies at the LIC Bar in Long Island City. I start things off at 4:00 with some concert and soundtrack music. Sasha Dobson and her band, with Jason Mills on drums and Daria Grace on bass go on at 5:00. Daria Grace and The Pre-War Ponies perform at 6:00. I return at 7:00 with Sasha on drums, and Daria on bass. We’re also joined by J. Walter Hawkes on trombone, Tom Beckham on vibes, and Brian Cavananagh-Strong on keyboards and piano. Big Fun.

Live Music! May 28, June 16, July 31, August 28

I’m going to be performing the last Sunday of the month, May 29, June 26, July 31, and August 28 at the LIC Bar in Long Island City. I’ll be sharing the bill with Sasha Dobson and Daria Grace and The Pre-War Ponies. I’ll start things off at 4:00 with some soundtrack music and concert pieces. Sasha’s up next at 5:00 and Daria goes on at 6:00. We’ll all be back together for a little more at 7:00. The LIC Bar is a great spot, hope to see you there.


Nov. 13, 2015 • Music for piano and guitar. “Radiate”


This is the first in a series of piano/guitar duets that I recorded with Eleonor Sandresky. The piece was originally composed for a documentary film based on the Electromagnetic Spectrum called “Radiate” and was performed by a small chamber orchestra. I like the sound of the piano and guitar together. It’s a little tricky.

Live Ballad Of Sexual Dependency



Thanks Nan Goldin for the powerful photographs and to Aperture for putting on the event. And thank you Laurie Anderson, Martha Wainwright, The Bush Tetras, and Samuel Rohrer for helping with the soundtrack. It was a one night stand. Fader published this interview.